Hope Pregnancy Support Centre

No two people feel the same emotions after the loss of a child.  We all work through these experiences differently and at different times in our lives.

You may feel confused about your emotional reactions.  You could feel many different emotions at different times and for different reasons.  The emotions you are feeling could be impacted by your age, length of pregnancy, or your religious or cultural beliefs.  If you experienced your loss a few weeks ago or several years ago, your feelings are real.

Hope offers a safe and confidential space to share your emotions. It is our desire to help you work through your emotions and get you started on your journey of healing.  We can meet with you one-on-one, or in a small group with others who are on the same journey as you are.

If you are experiencing overwhelming emotions, we ask that you please speak to your medical professional as soon as you can.  Our support compliments, but does not replace, professional medical care.

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