Hope Pregnancy Support Centre

We are all hardwired with the need to feel secure every hour of every day.

You want to provide that security – but sometimes it’s hard.



It could be that your caregiver(s)* didn’t make you feel safe, secure, and/or loved.  It could be that life is just overwhelming right now and you don’t know how to show your children that you delight in them, and that they are safe in your care.  Circle of Security Parenting Program**, through lessons and reflection, helps you learn what you could do differently to help you and your child(ren) navigate the circle of security.

The key to the Circle of Security Parenting Program is to help you, the caregiver, have compassion for both yourself and your child(ren).


*Caregiver includes: moms, dads, step parents, partners, grandparents, aunts, uncles, foster and/or adoptive parents, child care providers, and anyone who is providing primary care for children.  Caregivers who attend all 8 weeks of the program will be given a certificate of completion.

**Circle of Security Parenting Program is based on 5 decades of  key researched-based principles regarding specific themes that seem essential for children to feel secure.  Elizabeth Entz, Hope’s ED, has completed the required training and is a Registered COSP Facilitator, certified to offer this class.