Hope Pregnancy Support Centre

       Give your child your very best You.

Being a good parent, all the time, can be hard, overwhelming, and downright exhausting at times.  Sometimes our day is going well when out of the blue, our child has a melt down.  And sometimes, we just join in the melt down with them.

Why is our child behaving this way?  How can we bond with our child through each of their ages and stages?  What is happening in their little minds that they can’t express to us?  How can we calm ourselves down and deal with issues, instead of having that melt down?  What discipline method works best for your child so that you get positive results?  How can you encourage positive behaviour?  How can you teach your child about choices and consequences?  Do you need to prepare your child for school, and if so, how?  How can you care for yourself while being a great parent? 

These are questions many parents ask, and thankfully, Active Parenting: First Five Years delves into all of them. 

A workbook is included at no cost to you, and a Certificate of Completion is provided if you complete all 5 sessions.  

It will be offered every Wednesday in June starting the first week and will start at 10:30am – 11:30am. 

Coffee/tea and a snack will be provided. 

Limited to 6 parents; call 705-751-4673 to register